Do you know all of your talents and skills? Unless you’ve spent a lot of time pondering and investigating, you have many talents and skills that may have eluded your awareness. Some of your greatest abilities might still be a mystery to you! You can find them with a little work.

Try these techniques to find your hidden talents and skills:

  1. Revisit your early years. What did you like to do before you learned to care about what others thought? What did you enjoy? What were you good at? What did you want to be when you grew up? There’s a good chance you’ll remember a talent or two that you forgot all about.

  2. Spend some time alone. When your surroundings change, your perspective changes. Go to the park or spend the weekend camping. Take a trip and get out of town for a couple of days. You’ll generate new ideas.

  3. Take a test. There are several personality, interest, and skill assessments available online. It’s important to answer as honestly as possible if you want an accurate assessment. Take several assessments and look for commonalities. It’s likely that you can determine several strengths from the areas that overlap.

  4. Ask others what they think. Ask your closest friends and family members what they think are your greatest strengths and talents. You know things about your friends they can’t see for themselves. The same is true of you. Be receptive to the ideas you receive.

  5. Make a list. Think about the amazing things you’ve accomplished in the past. What talents and skills did you use to make those things happen? After completing this exercise with all of your accomplishments, do you see a common theme? There’s a lot to be learned from your past accomplishments.

  6. What is unique about you? How do you stand out from your friends, family, and coworkers? What’s special about you?  This is another great question to ask those around you.

  7. What do you enjoy? If you had a free afternoon to yourself, how would you spend it? Would you spend a free day working on your classic car or build an electronics project? Would you build a webpage? Your strengths often lie in your interests.

  8. What do you like to talk about? Is there something you’re so passionate about that your friends wish you’d quit talking about it? Which topics do you think make for interesting conversation?

  9. When do you lose track of time? Do you lose track of time while your painting? Writing? Woodworking? The things that fully engage your mind can be related to your strengths.

  10. What’s easy for you? What do you find easy that others find hard to do? You can do at least a few things better than just about everyone you know.

  11. If you had to go back to school, what would you choose as your major? Math? You’re probably good at math, abstract concepts, and solving problems. Creative writing? You likely have strengths in writing, reading, creativity, and imagination. What would you like to study if you had the time, money, and motivation?

It’s important to know your strengths and talents. You’re in a better position to make money, be successful, feel confident, and contribute to the world when you use your strengths and talents to your advantage. If you feel that you have more to offer the world than you’ve been demonstrating, you’ll benefit from discovering your hidden skills and talents.

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