For Adults with Insurance:

Any assessments or screenings can occur during our sessions and therefore are subject to your copay only. Diagnosis is whole other demon. It is much more extensive and intrusive and insurance companies generally do not cover this for ASD. Psychological testing is still considered elective but they have no issue paying for thousands of dollars of medications they do not understand….(this is a soap box issue for me).

For evaluation, I want to see you 4-7 times in session (therapy) so I actually know you and your challenges and am able to provide some kind of profound diagnostic and treatment plan. During that time, you will complete an exhausting amount of assessments including one for your partner or friend or parent, and then, after all of this completed, I will analyze what I have learned, along with the assessments say and put together a whole picture for you to understand what your diagnosis is, your personal challenges and ways we can make living in this world, a lot more rewarding. So, it will cost the copay of the sessions, a lot of your time and then another $495 that your insurance wont cover but I will work out a payment plan so if YOU want it, YOU will have it.

For Adults without Insurance:

All of the above still applies but we will need to work out a payment to begin, to make sure, getting your diagnosis does not cause as much trauma as the rest of your life. 🙂

Our Team Works with Children on a Limited Basis and each situation would need to be evaluated. We are dedicated to making sure humans have access to the care they need, regardless of age; but we acknowledge that we might not be the best option.