EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences.

Adults with Autism

Sure, after 20, 30 or more years, you have learned how to get through a few aisles in the store and get what you need from the store. But how often do you go without having to go through with everything described above and more?

Could Psychedelics Help?

Addiction, PTSD, depression, trauma, and so many more named disorders of the mind are now being treated with natural medicine (and sometimes a few other psychedelics) with results unheard of and it is changing people’s lives.

Looking for Help Now?

We are ready to assist you with custom treatments to help more efficiently and effectively for long term results. Plant powered medicine, technology, psychedelic assisted therapies and more, are just a few clicks away.

YOU are the thing WE do BEST

It is our mission to treat our patients with the best solution for any problem. For this reason, we remain dedicated to evidence based practices from across the spectrum of protocols. You deserve an individualized approach without boundaries and we plan to use the best of science to do just that. 

Virtual Reality Therapy 

Scientifically validated, more privacy, lower cost, personalized, easy and the benefits go on and on. Why should you settle for the things you have already tried when the future has already arrived?

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Need A Digital Detox?

Technology provides experiences that are interesting, easy to acquire, and feel good. Because of these reasons, it’s easy to get addicted to our digital devices. In fact, these devices are designed to be addicting!

Studies show that when we spend too much time on our tech, our health declines and our lives actually become less satisfactory to us.

Most of us don’t realize, though, how much time we spend on our smartphones, tablets, computers, video games, or social media.

Could you use a digital detox? This self-reflection worksheet will help you to determine if your tech use is negatively affecting you and, if it is, to make a plan to digitally detox and enjoy your life more.

Assessment: Signs That You Might be Addicted to Technology

Do you have these signs? Check the ones that apply to you:

your mood

You find that social media makes you feel depressed, anxious, or jealous – that your life pales by comparison to everyone else’s.

your vision

Your sleep is inadequate – you have trouble falling asleep or getting good quality sleep once you do fall asleep.

Your mind

Your attention wanders during conversations as you feel the urge to check your smartphone – or actually look at it while someone else is talking.

your friends

Others comment on your attachment to your phone.