Psychedelics have a history of medicinal use spanning beyond a few thousand years. In fact, some have been used by organisms that existed before humans. Before President Nixon declared ‘drugs’ (traditional indigenous medicine included) as public enemy number one and Roger Stone’s law and order campaigns, there were plenty of resources for trials; even in the US, that lacked all controversy. For the last 50 years; however, we have lost time, exponentially.

In today’s science, the efficacy of medicinal use of molecules we were taught to fear, is no longer a flippant argument you find yourself having with your great aunt at Thanksgiving, who declared the counter culture of the 60’s, the work of the devil. Today, Johns Hopkins is forging the way to the most amazing mental health medicine the industrial world has ever seen.

Addiction, PTSD, depression, trauma, and so many more named disorders of the mind are now being treated with natural medicine (and sometimes a few other psychedelics) with results unheard of and it is changing people’s lives.

At Bionic Bloom, while we recognize, the whole body of scientific evidence, our work has been more limited. That said, if we dont offer what you want, we probably know who does, please ask. Currently, we are involved in clinical trials with psilocybin only for use of treatment resistant depression, trauma, ptsd and addiction. We currently see patients in person, through telehealth and offer overnight or weekend retreats complete with the proper delivery of the medicine, dosing and therapy. While this is an evolving solution, it is not yet one that insurance will cover, so we are committed to offering payment plans or scholarships because it is just too important to alleviate your suffering or find your best you.

What if you are sitting under a boulder of depression but if we can, together, lift it enough for you to escape, you can have your ‘ah ha’ in the matter of a few hours rather than months?

Do not let a diagnosis or money or geography, stand in the way of unlocking your real YOU. Call, we WILL find a way.

Resources for you as a patient:

Center for Psychedelics and Consciousness at Johns Hopkins

For Clinicians:

Learn More Here Thanks to Microdose